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    Top Rocker Motorcycle Gear Ltd.

    Top Rocker Motorcycle Gear Ltd. https://riderfriendly.com/media/com_jbusinessdirectory/pictures/companies/366/9997543496145218429931110754807n-1487878435.png (403) 823-4327 4.79333 05 3
    Cold Beer, Smokin' Gear
    Top Rocker Motorcycle Gear Ltd.
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    Located in the Drumheller Valley (Rosedale), Top Rocker is a locally owned business employed with friendly staff.  You'll want to make this one of your stops.  They are now a fully licenced Bar & Grill, the menu is small but full of lots of good eats to satisfy a hungry bikers appetite while out for a days ride.  There is also a retail store where you can find an awesome selection of motorcycle attire while waiting for lunch to be served.  Top Rocker is also a supporter of many different causes and often hosts events to help raise money.

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    • Best placfe to stop in the Valley


      I love this spot. I will ride out after work from Calgary as its the cheers of the biker world. The food and drinks are priced very well. The service is amazing and the owners are amazing. Linda and Darrel always make time to stop and say hello. They will sit and have a drink with you. Top Rocker has some fantastic gear with some of the best prices I have found. The bike nights with Dew entertaining is a blast. I have taken my mother out there and even though she does not remember much anymore, She always says to me. Do you remember that place we went to with all the singing and dancing? The very best thing about Top Rocker is you can go enjoy the friends that you you will make as well as the ones your with without KIDS running around throwing dirt and rocks on the patio. Bars are not meant for KIDS! I still do the bridge ride but I always stop at Top Rocker.
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    • Super friendly!


      Fine establishment with even better staff!
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    • A Must


      You cannot go through the Drumheller Valley and not stop in and say HI to Linda and her crew. Food is great and service is always friendly. If you're riding/driving through be sure to stop in for a cold one.
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