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    Renee Charbonneau shared Suzie Healey's photo 3 hours 27 minutes ago


    Jeff Vander Zalm is attending 12th Annual Ride & Rock. 14 hours 10 minutes ago

    I can't wait for the grit and grime to be removed from the streets and the back lane to dry out so I can get my motorcycle out. PMS - almost over....

    Amazon to launch Motorcycle Installation Services at "Amazon Approved" dealerships.
    Now that's a creative "breaking news" piece from YouMotorcycle.com
    Hmmmmm, something smells funny to me, does this smell...
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    Amazon to Launch Motorcycle Installation Services at ‘Amazon-Approved’ Dealerships

    Beginning on April 1st,  e-commerce giant Amazon will be launching something new and aimed specifica...

    Following the Women Riders World Relay gives me goosebumps! womenridersworldrelay.com/track-the-relay/ To be holding that baton and be a part of that riding....I signed up - have you? #WRWR2019

    Renee Charbonneau Love the logo! 6 days ago

    What a beautiful morning here in Grande Prairie, hoping where you are is equally gorgeous, but I have to say one other little thing, I HAVE PMS SO BAD.......

    Burn out king - great Avatar!

    Glad to have you here!

    Lets see some photos of you and your ride!!!!

    Welcome new members!!!!

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