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    Ride Like A Local TV - Season 2

    Full Episodes - With your host Belt Drive Betty

    Ride Like a Local TV - S2 E13 - EMS

    Belt Drive Betty visits EMS - Essential Motorcycle Services in Vancouver, BC. Owner Ted Sweet and the staff talk about their open concept shop and their zany YouTube TV show "Hot Lube Vancouver"

    Ride Like a Local TV - S2 E12 - Wounded Warriors Weekend Pt 3

    In this episode, Belt Drive Betty speaks with Veterans Chekotah Bronson, Medric Cousineau, local Bruce Statham and then gives you her impression of the weekend and how powerful it was.

    Ride Like a Local TV - S2 E11 - Wounded Warriors Weekend - Part 2

    This week Belt Drive Betty has a long chat with a veteran named "Gunny", a former weapons tech with the RCR.  Gunny's message is a powerful one, so join us as we get to meet the gal who when she signed up in 1977, was only the third female to become a weapons tech in the Canadian Forces!

    Ride Like a Local TV - S2 E10 - Wounded Warriors Weekend Slave Lake Alberta Pt 1

    In this episode of Ride Like a Local, Belt Drive Betty takes you on a journey from the EIA (Edmonton International Airport) to Slave Lake and the reception by the town. You'll hear from Blake Emmons, the founder of the event and you'll meet three incredible veterans and their stories will touch your heart.  Douglas Courtney, Murray Arthur, and Bobby Henline will tell you what weekends like this do for a soldiers heart.

    Ride Like a Local TV - S2 E9 - Shuswap Time

    We step into a dream land called Dreamcycle Motorcycle Museum in Balmoral BC. And the 25th Anniversary Summer Stomp is dissected by Steve Hammer and Mike Smith of the executive committee

    Ride Like a Local TV - S2 E8 - The Iron Order MC - Snow City Crew

    Belt Drive Betty was invited to get to know the members of the Snow City Crew of the IO MC.  She interviewed some interesting characters! Meet: Uke, Kilnk, Cheezy, Prospect Darren, Iron Maiden Beans.              UPDATE - July 2016 -  None of these people belong to the Iron Order anymore as they did not like the direction the club was going in.

    Ride Like a Local TV - S2 E7 - Grande Prairie Toys for Tots

    Belt Drive Betty spent some time with the Grande Prairie Toys for Tots Association at two of their events, the Spring Swap meet and the Shaftsbury Ferry Run. Meet some of the people who get involved with helping our kids: Jamie Rigler, Seth Mathias, Barbie Anderson, Manimal, Landon Nicholas, Josh Southcombe,Timmy Michals, Shane

    Ride Like a Local TV - S2 E6 - Salmon Arm

    Belt Drive Betty spent some time with the BC Lone Wolves at their Motorcycle Awareness Show 'n' Shine at the Piccadilly Mall in Salmon Arm, BC. Some nice iron and talented artists were on the agenda!
    BDB chatted with Donalee Wallace, Al Bijou, Haley Herrington, Steve Hammer, Kelly's Kustoms, Ken Henczel, T-Bone!

    Ride Like a Local TV - S2 E5 - Lacombe

    Airbrush artists and their talent for personalizing motorcycles were the subject of the Art & The Motorcycle Show in Lacombe Alberta.
    Belt Drive Betty interviewed Coordinator Maureen MacKenzie, artists John Ellenburger, Patsi Earl, Kate Kilty and Blake McCully, along with show winners Jered Havell and Matthew Altman

    Ride Like a Local TV - S2 E4 - Saskatoon

    The Saskatoon Motorcycle & Power Sports Expo gave Belt Drive Betty the opportunity to speak with Kevin Jones of the Canadian Legion of Riders, Kelly Frei of the Cystic Fibrosis Ride for the Breath, Doug Fink from Bushido Tattoo, Janice Ryz of Freedom Heated Clothing and Rhonda Cwynar of R.A.G.E.

    Ride Like a Local TV - S2 E3 - Edmonton Motorcycle Show Part 3

    In this episode Belt Drive Betty talks with Brent Allanson of Indian Motorcycles, Wanda Plasko of Women in the Wind, Canada's Fastest Man, Jordan Szoke, Dan Avon & Josh Pauls of Dalton Timmis Insurance and Amanda Kennedy of the Yamaha Riding Academy.

    Ride Like a Local TV - S2 E2 - Edmonton Motorcycle Show Part 2

    In this episode of Ride Like a Local, Belt Drive Betty speaks with Bob Ross, Charlene Copeland, Mike Lalande, Garry Kramer, Paul Rawlins...lots of great info is on tap in this episode!

    Ride Like a Local TV - S2 E1- Edmonton Motorcycle Show Part 1

    In this episode of Ride Like a Local Belt Drive Betty, Renee Charbonneau, interviews Ethan Barkley of the CMDRA, Show Master Laurie Paetz, Freestylers: Billy Kohut & Cody Elkins