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    Tuesday, 04 December 2018 22:54

    Motorcycle Ride through the Canadian Rockies

    mountain goatThe Canadian Rockies are a spectacular mountain range that has a variety of remarkable parks in Northern Alberta, Canada.

    However, to say spectacular and remarkable is an understatement.  It’s truly heaven on Earth. The pictures one sees are just not the same than experiencing it first-hand. 

    The Canadian Rockies include parks such as Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Glacier National Park to name just a few.  The high mountain peaks covered in dusted white snow with turquoise blue lakes at the bottom of those mountains are sure to take any breath away.  The fresh air is immediately felt when you enter the area; which is why riding to and through the Canadian Rockies by motorcycle is taking this adventure to a whole other level!  

    upper kananaskis lake

    Photo: Upper Kananaskis Lake

    Driving by car through the Canadian Rockies is fine and still a wonderful experience, but going by motorcycle you allow yourself to immerse yourself with the Rockies entirety. Being able to see things without a glass and metal obscuring your view will create memories that will stay a lifetime. Making random pit stops are one of the greatest benefits to riding your motorcycle through the Rockies and wander away from the typical crowded tourist spots. Tourist spots are fine but they don’t compare to the marvelous views you can embark at the end of some trail you mistakenly took by effortlessly maneuvering in a motorcycle.  Plenty of times, a car is just too big to take to certain locations. Biking your way through some hidden treasures off a hiking trail is a lot more convenient than driving a car through, especially through all the valleys and alpine lakes that the Canadian Rockies have. To be able to stand on these mountains, touch the sparkling turquoise, glacier-fed lakes, or gaze at a bear across the lake strolling around in the dense trees that would otherwise by missed if driving in a car, is simply intangible. 

    maligne lake 

    Marvel at the complicated wonders nature created over millions of years ago, after taking your bike up to one of the many cafés located around the parks, while you sip your coffee in trance, of the beauty Alberta has to offer.  

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