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    I am so very tired of the hatred called politics.

    Renee Charbonneau commented on Rob Truscott's video 5 months ago

    Priceless but yellow is't your colour!

    walking with my TuTu

    Okay folks September is the month of the Bladder Cancer awareness walk - I have a friend - lets call him "Anson'.... He wanted me to walk in a certain locati...

    Do you like history? Trivia? Well stay tuned because we have  both coming your way starting next week!

    A great event and if you haven't been - you need to be!

    Konquer Motorcycles Ride & Rock 13th Annual Poker Run,...

    Ride & Rock 13th Annual Poker Run, Dinner & Concert. Fundraiser For Kidscare.

    • Saturday, 29 May 2021 10:00 AM
    • Konquer Motorcycles 892 McCurdy Place, Kelowna BC

    Big announcement!!!!

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    Renee Charbonneau and Susan Healey liked Renee Charbonneau's Profile 7 months ago

    Good morning everyone, it is proving to be another busy yet productive day!

    Good morning world! What a busy morning already!

    Another big job accomplished for the month! Whew!

    Another really busy and productive morning!

    Hugely productive morning and it's only 7:45 am! I have already accomplished what I had hoped to in this time period from 4:30 am to 9 AM so now I have a little me time before my next tasks!

    Working on commercials for Ride Like a Local, they are going fairly well!

    I am still looking for a Canadian Rider who wants to Ride Tibet.

    Rob Truscott as fun as it sounds - I have to pass.
    8 months ago
    Renee Charbonneau I think I have found someone... 8 months ago

    Anyone want to go to Tibet on December 27th?  I need a photographer/videographer and a writer.  Your motorcycle, fuel, rooms and meals are free - you only need to pay for your airfare to Lhasa which... Show more