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    Saturday, 01 December 2018 19:51

    RCMP Sgt Majors Parade

    Captain Ron and Rita  A few years ago Betty and I were riding across Canada to support our Veterans.

    The Caen Unit of the C.A.V. hosted a meet and greet event at our hotel with a small artillery piece that a guy named Captain Ron showed me.

    It was great fun, but the best part about our time in Regina was going to the RCMP Heritage Centre and the Sergeant Major’s Parade!

    Captain Ron and Rita

    It is an amazing sight to see and I highly recommend that you attend it!

    Here’s a little information you need to know about the Sergeant Major’s Parade if you are thinking of going to it:

    The Sergeant Major's Parade is a colourful and delightful ceremony that is held year-round from Monday to Friday at 12:45 p.m., except on stat holidays.

    Captain Ron explaining to the group about Depot in Regina

    Captain Ron explaining to the group about Depot in Regina

    Admission to the Parade is included your admission fee to the RCMP Heritage Centre.

    If you want to attend the Parade you need to pre-register at the Information desk of the RCMP Heritage Centre by no later than 12noon.

    Guests who are disabled or need a little more time or some support to get to the parade square are asked to arrive early. This way the RCMP Heritage Centre's staff can secure a spot on one of the wheelchair accessible human movers to take them to the Parade. You have to be accompanied by Heritage Centre Staff to attend the parade.

    Visit: Saskatchewan Tourism for more information.

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