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    Big Ear

    The Gold Standard in Hearing Protection
    Big Ear
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    Glenn Hood (+)

    407 Golden Eagle Drive, Blythewood 29016, South Carolina, Richland County, United States

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    The Gold Standard in Hearing Protection

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    Big Ear specializes in on-site custom hearing protection services.

    What started as a small group of individuals in 2003 has grown into a worldwide family of Big Ear providers. We’re the driving force behind our satisfied customers; a team ready to help put a stop to noise-induced hearing loss. The Big Ear family has grown beyond North America into the United Kingdom and Australia, all because of people like you; a customer who wants to share their success story with friends. Our providers understand the significance of noise-induced hearing loss and work to introduce it into every conversation.

    Aside from our providers, our success is based on our Perfect Fit TechnologyTM. We are not a generic solution. Our patented technology is cost-effective, installs in seconds with a perfect fit every time, and comes with a 36-month warranty.* (See bigearinc.com).

    Big Ear is a perfect home-based business on its own or as a product extension to your current business. We are always looking for amazing people to join our family in an effort to save the hearing of our future generations. Our flexibility in regards to meeting with customers to make a set of ear impressions is exceptional. We travel to events and shows, we visit homes, we set up shop in your office. We’ve even been known for a highway meetup or two just to make sure our custom-made, high-quality earplugs fit perfectly.

    The applications are endless when it comes to hearing protection. Industrial workers, motorcyclists, musicians, marching band members, and hunters all benefit from our custom hearing protection earplugs. Dentists, construction workers, restaurant and bar employees, swimmers, and cyclists rave about our products as well. Even a better night’s sleep is possible with our products. Whether you need a full-stop earplug, a filtered earplug, or a custom communication tactical earplug, we can make it happen.

    Our business understands our customers’ issues, and we work diligently to provide a solution that will fully correct the situation. The Perfect Fit Technology allows precision and comfort so earplugs can be worn all day or all night. Our Big Ear providers work with companies or individuals seeking ways to offer the best cost-effective solutions for any budget. We utilize multiple labs in order to create the best products on the market that meet and often exceed our brand specifications and expectations.

    Big Ear products go above and beyond the traditional earplugs on the market. We set ourselves apart from the competition with our customer service, patented comfort technology, and our quality products. We offer the best in custom earplugs; a likeness that is unequivocal to others and never duplicated.

    We constantly educate ourselves on market trends, learning and always open to change. We get better with every new release and make improvements based on any new technology. We want to look our customers in the eyes, proud of our products and confident that we have created the very best solution for their situation. We function as a company by the Kaizen belief: Improvement every single day.

    Before you consider any product or company, go to our website to first understand how your hearing works and the different options of hearing protection available. Take a look at the myths associated with your hearing and learn why other products fall short of success or do not work as promised. You won’t be disappointed when you join the Big Ear family. You’ll have the means to success, and the tools in which to succeed.

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