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    I am so very tired of the hatred called politics.

    Renee Charbonneau commented on Rob Truscott's video 1 year ago

    Priceless but yellow is't your colour!

    walking with my TuTu

    Okay folks September is the month of the Bladder Cancer awareness walk - I have a friend - lets call him "Anson'.... He wanted me to walk in a certain locati...

    Do you like history? Trivia? Well stay tuned because we have  both coming your way starting next week!

    Big announcement!!!!

    Photos are being loaded.
    Renee Charbonneau and Susan Healey liked Renee Charbonneau's Profile 2 years ago

    Good morning everyone, it is proving to be another busy yet productive day!

    Good morning world! What a busy morning already!

    Another big job accomplished for the month! Whew!

    Another really busy and productive morning!

    Hugely productive morning and it's only 7:45 am! I have already accomplished what I had hoped to in this time period from 4:30 am to 9 AM so now I have a little me time before my next tasks!

    Working on commercials for Ride Like a Local, they are going fairly well!

    I am still looking for a Canadian Rider who wants to Ride Tibet.

    Rob Truscott as fun as it sounds - I have to pass.
    2 years ago
    Renee Charbonneau I think I have found someone... 2 years ago